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This skills training course is authorised and certified through RAKTDA and is the prerequisite for the Mountain Leader assessment.  The terrain for this award is mountainous areas higher than 600m above sea level. Candidates should have previous hiking experience of areas such as those included in the Lowland Hill and Wadi Leader Award. This course is for those who want to take groups into mountainous terrain for single day, overnight or multi-day trips. The course covers all aspects of map work, compass use, navigational aids, expeditions, camp craft, safety considerations, route planning, risk assessments and emergency procedures.

So You Want To Become A

Certified UAE Mountain Leader!

Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion for the great outdoors into a rewarding career? At Hajar Mountain Adventures, we're here to make that dream a reality. Imagine making money while doing what you love – exploring the breathtaking Hajar Mountains. As the only licensed provider of RAKTDA-certified Mountain Leader Training Courses in the UAE, we offer you a unique opportunity to embark on this exciting journey

Why Choose Our RAKTDA Mountain Leader Training Course?

Comprehensive Training: Our course leaves no stone unturned, covering everything from map reading and compass use to navigational aids, expeditions, campcraft, and safety protocols. We ensure you're well-prepared for the exciting world of mountain adventures.

RAKTDA Accreditation: 

We are the ONLY organization authorized to run RAKTDA-certified courses. This accreditation sets the stage for applying for licenses, unlocking a world of adventure tourism opportunities.

Promoting Safety and Enjoyment: 

The Mountain Leader Award was created to encourage the safe and enjoyable exploration of hills and mountains. Our Training and Assessment Courses equip you with the technical and group management skills needed to lead in the stunning Hajar Mountains.

A Holistic Approach: 

Mountain leadership isn't just about technical skills; it's a fusion of experience and personal leadership qualities. Our course emphasizes skills that may be challenging to learn independently, ensuring you're fully equipped for the role.

Multifaceted Skills: 

Mountain Leaders must master a wide range of skills and knowledge, from group management to navigating challenging terrain. Our course hones your ability to handle diverse challenges simultaneously.

Group Dynamics: 

Effective leadership isn't just about navigation; it's about caring for the group's well-being while exploring the mountains. Our training teaches you to select objectives tailored to your group's abilities, motivation, and current conditions.

Thorough Planning: Leaders need to plan meticulously, considering factors like permissions, medical information, and transportation. We guide you through all planning considerations to ensure seamless adventures.



Becoming a Certified UAE Mountain Leader: Your Path to Excellence
After the training program, you'll need to consolidate your knowledge and gain practical experience in the mountains. This phase is essential for building a strong foundation in technical skills such as map and compass navigation, contour interpretation, and rope work. You'll also develop your expertise in group leadership and safety awareness while guiding groups through the stunning mountains of the UAE.


Consolidating Your Learning:

To prepare for the Assessment Course, you must have a minimum of 10 additional days of mountain experience (after attending the Training Course). These experiences should be documented in the provided logbook, showcasing route cards and maps, and evidence of your journeys via any digital platform you chose to record your hikes on.

The Assessment Course:

Assessment Details:
The Assessment Course spans 4 days, conducted either during the week (Monday - Thursday) or over two weekends (Saturday - Sunday). The assessment will be where you can demonstrate your skills in map navigation, and ropework as taught on the training course and also includes an overnight expedition where you will take on a leadership role within the group. During the assessment, you'll be expected to lead the team into and around the mountains, demonstrating your exceptional navigational skills and ensuring group safety through effective leadership and communication. The routes chosen will encompass a variety of terrains, including wadis, lowland hills, unmarked mountain passes, and ridges, and will also involve overnight camp organization and night navigation. You'll be required to showcase your technical skills and knowledge, covering all aspects of the mountain leader training course.

Certification and Licensing:

Upon passing all elements of the four-day Assessment Course, Hajar Mountain Adventures will notify Ras Al Khaimah Licensing Authority (RAKTDA), and you will be awarded the prestigious UAE Mountain Leader Certification from RAKTDA. This certification opens the door for you to apply for licensing through RAKTDA, enabling you to operate as a certified UAE Mountain Leader.

Note: Wilderness First Aid Course

After completion of both courses, each participant must have a valid/in-date Wilderness First Aid Course. Once evidence is shown of a valid certificate from a UAE-registered organization, you will be sent your certificate and will legally be able to work for organizations or start the process for your license from RAKTDA.

Enroll today, and let your passion for the mountains become your profession! Your new career as a certified UAE Mountain Leader awaits.

**Frequently Asked Questions about the Training and Assessment Course**

Q1: Who is eligible to participate in the RAKTDA Mountain Leader Training and Assessment Course?
A1: The course is open to individuals who have a passion for the mountains and are physically fit for outdoor activities. The age restrictions are that participants must be over 18 years old, but participants should be in good health and capable of completing the required physical activities.

Q2: Do I need prior mountain or leadership experience to join the course?
A2: Hiking experience is necessary, and if you already know how to use a map and compass, your journey will be more enjoyable. Our course is designed to cater to those with some prior experience. It provides comprehensive training to equip you with the skills needed to become a certified UAE Mountain Leader.

Q3: What is the difference between the Training and Assessment Courses?
A3: The Training Course focuses on building your technical and leadership skills in mountain environments. The Assessment Course is where your skills are put to the test, and you demonstrate your ability to lead and ensure group safety. Successful completion of the Assessment Course is required to obtain certification.

Q4: What do I need to bring with me for the courses?
A4: Generally, participants are expected to bring suitable outdoor clothing, footwear, a backpack, and any personal items like a compass or a watch. You will also need to bring your camping equipment for the expedition.

Q5: How many days of practical mountain experience are required before the Assessment Course?
A5: You need to accumulate a minimum of 10 additional days of mountain experience after attending the Training Course. These experiences should be documented in your logbook.

Q6: Can I complete the Assessment Course in my own time, or is it scheduled at specific times?
A6: The Assessment Course is conducted during specific time frames, either during the week (Monday - Thursday) or over two weekends (Saturday - Sunday). Course dates will be provided to registered participants. Once you have completed the consolidation hikes you will be able to register for the assessment.

Q7: What happens if I don't pass the Assessment Course?
A7: If you do not pass the Assessment Course on your first attempt, you will receive feedback and guidance on areas that need improvement. You can then choose to book onto the Assessment Course at a later date to demonstrate your progress.

Q8: Can I work as a mountain leader immediately after completing the courses?

A8: You must complete the assessment course before you can register your organization with RAKTDA.


Q9: Is accommodation provided during the Training and Assessment Courses?

A9: Accommodation is not included in the course fees. However, we can assist in finding suitable accommodation options in the area.

Q10: Can international participants join the course, or is it open only to UAE residents?
A10: The course is open to participants from around the world. We welcome international adventure enthusiasts who want to become certified UAE Mountain Leaders and explore the stunning Hajar Mountains.

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