Hidden Oasis

A Great Hike to Explore the Ancient Mountain Trials and Villages

  • 5 hours
  • 350 UAE dirhams
  • Hajar Mountains

Service Description

A classic walk in the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah. Our Certified Leader will lead you along the old mountain trail as you hike along the mountain edge balcony walk, high above the ground below. You will then meander through ancient farm lands and follow a trail up to the wonderful hidden oasis. After the rains, this is fully flourishing and green. Let's hope you are lucky when you go on this hike, as this as its not a year round thing to observe. Throughout the hike our certified leader will be explaining to you of how life in the mountains used to be, the history, culture and folklore of the tribes that once lived in the area, as well as interesting facts and information regarding the flora and fauna of the mountains as you hike. What will you need to join this hike; Confirmation of Covid-19 Vaccination or a Green Al HOSN Hat or cap: To protect you from the effects of the sun, stop you cooking your brains & keep you looking young? Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from the UV rays and dust particles. DID YOU KNOW...! MOST accidents in the mountains can be traced back to individuals not wearing appropriate eye wear. Either they could not see properly due to the strength of the sun or they wear not wearing their normal glasses & could not focus properly on the trail, causing them to have accidents...! T-Shirt or long sleeved shirt: Breathable/moisture/sweat wicking/quick drying - LIGHT WEIGHT. Light colours are usually best. Shorts or long trousers: Breathable/moisture/sweat wicking/quick drying - NO JEANS OR DENIM Sports Trainers/Hiking Shoes: As we are on a trail your regular running/gym trainers are just fine. As long as they have good grip on the sole, are able to be tightened up & hold your feet in place & have a covered toe & heal. (NO SLIP ON SHOES - MUST HAVE A FASTENING SYSTEM). Sandals, Flip-Flops, Crock etc etc are NOT PERMITTED Back Pack: You will need a small, back pack style (two padded shoulder straps) bag to carry your water, snacks phone/charger in for the day. Water: You must bring a minimum of 2 LITRES of water: You will need a lot of water to stay hydrated & fully functioning. Safety for you & your fellow hikers is our top priority. Electrolytes: Any from of electrolyte is good - You do not need High Energy Drinks. Food: Bring your own food &snacks. You know what you like best. Healthy, low sugar- high carbohydrate snacks are usually best. Medical Form: Complete & Inform instructor of medical issues. See You On The Trail Soon