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Climbing Leader TRG. Course INFORMATION

4 Day - Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseil Leader Training Course

  • Ended
  • 5,000 UAE dirhams
  • Hajar Mountains

Service Description

**Elevate Your Adventure with the Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseiling Leader Course!** Are you ready to take your love for climbing and abseiling to new heights? Our Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseiling Leader Course is your gateway to leading, instructing, and managing groups in these exhilarating activities. Here's what makes this course a game-changer: **Course Duration: 4 Days of Thrills** Over four action-packed days, you'll dive deep into the world of rock climbing and abseiling, gaining the skills and confidence needed to become a certified leader. Get ready to explore the heights and depths of adventure! **What You'll Master:** - **Technical Competence:** Learn the ins and outs of climbing equipment, anchor evaluation, belaying skills, personal climbing proficiency, abseiling systems, and incident management. We've got you covered for every aspect of the climb. - **Group Management and Decision Making:** Develop the skills to plan, organize, and lead sessions for diverse clients in various venues. Manage participants effectively, make informed decisions, and ensure a safe and thrilling experience for all. - **Teaching and Learning Skills:** Discover effective teaching methods, create a positive learning environment, and communicate with clarity. Transform into an exceptional climbing instructor. **The Journey to Certification:** After successfully completing the 4-Day Training Course, it's time to consolidate your skills through personal and group climbing experiences before moving on to the 4-Day Assessment Course. **Your Checklist:** - **Personal Lead Climbs:** Conquer a minimum of 10 indoor lead climbs. - **Outdoor Sport Climbs:** Scale at least 10 outdoor sport lead climbs. - **Group Sessions:** Gain experience by participating in a minimum of 10 group sessions where you work with climbing and abseiling groups. With this comprehensive training and practical experience, you'll be fully prepared to take on the Assessment Course and prove your mastery as a Single Pitch Rock Climbing and Abseiling Leader. Note: After completion of the course, each participant must have either a valid/in-date Wilderness First Aid Course or attend a Wilderness First Aid Course. Once evidence is shown of a valid certificate from a UAE-registered organization, you will be sent your certificate and legally be able to work for organizations or start the process for your license from RAKTDA.

Cancellation Policy

**Booking, Cancellation, and Attendance Policy** 1. **Course Duration and Timings:** - Single-day activities vary in duration: approx. 3 hours (introductory), approx. 4-5 hours (intermediate), approx. 5-7 hours (advanced). - Workshops span 2 days,. - Certified courses are 4 days (usually 2 weekends) with 4 online sessions in the evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm. - All activities commence at 7 am. 2. **Booking Advance Notice:** - All participants are required to book at least 24 hours in advance before the scheduled activity or course start time. 3. **Instructor-Client Ratio:** - Each session will have 1 fully certified instructor for every 10-15 clients. This will depend on the activity and the location taking place. 2 instructors may sometimes be required for certain activities. 4. **Booking Window:** - Participants can book as soon as the activity or course becomes available. 5. **Payment Method and Timing:** - Only online payments are accepted, and each participant must book and pay 24 hours before the activity or course. 6. **Cancellation and Rescheduling:** - Participants must provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel an activity or course. - No refunds are issued; instead, rescheduling to the next available date for that same activity or course is allowed. - Failure to attend the rescheduled activity date renders the booking place unavailable to the participant. Any and all refunds will not be permitted. 7. **Minimum Participation Requirements:** - Single-day activities require a minimum of 4 participants. - Certified RAKTDA courses require a minimum of 3 participants. - Skills workshops require a minimum of 1 participant. 8. **Cancellation Reasons and Evidence:** - Any nonattendance must be supported by evidence. - Medical reasons require an official, stamped, and authorized medical note from a registered UAE doctor. - Lateness, social engagements, or non-medical reasons are not considered valid for rescheduling without 48 hours notice. 9. **Medical Questionnaire and Health Considerations:** - All participants must complete a medical questionnaire. - Participants must have sufficient fitness and health to attend their chosen activity. - If fitness or health is in question, an official medical note is required to confirm eligibility. 10. **Attendance Tracking:** - Attendance is based on the number of participants present at the scheduled start time. - Participants arriving late are issued a warning and allowed no more than 10 minutes maximum. - Exceeding the 10-minute limit without providing 48 hours' notice is considered a no-show with no rescheduling or refund. Please read and understand this policy carefully before booking. We are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Your cooperation with these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

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