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Mountain Adventure Sports in the UAE

Welcome to the first Blog from Hajar Mountain Adventures

We thought we should start this blogging series by introducing the company and what we are all about. Through our our series of blogs we will be discussing various adventure activities in the UAE, with a particular focus on Ras Al Khaimah, where we are based. We will look at all the opportunities available to pursue various adventure activities, highlighting locations within Ras Al Khaimah with a focus on hiking, climbing and canyoneering. We will also be giving top tips and advice within each activity to hopefully help keep everyone safe out there in the mountains.

Hajar Mountain Adventures is an adventure experience company based in Ras

as Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Founded by a passionate adventurer, Lee Ellison. Here at Hajar Mountain Adventures, we specialise in offering unique adventure experiences in the Middle East region. Whether it’s a challenging mountain hike, a thrilling trek through the desert, a heart-stopping rock climbing session or abseiling down multiple dry wadi waterfalls, Hajar Mountain Adventures offers something for everyone. Hajar Mountain Adventures specializes in providing a wide range of activities and programs to its clients. We offer customised expedition packages and training sessions that allow both experienced adventurers and novice hikers, climbers and mountaineers to experience the unique beauty of the Hajar Mountains.

Our team consists of experienced outdoor professionals who are passionate about their craft and providing outstanding experiences to their customers. All of our adventures include top-notch, industry recommended, safety equipment, safety measures and safety systems and methods which we constantly work to the highest of international best practices within the industry ; we ensure that we provide outstanding safety and security to all our guests while still ensuring an unforgettable experience. Our team also prides itself on its dedication to excellence - we use only the best equipment available and make sure that every activity is done safely and securely.

Here at Hajar Mountain Adventures we have made it our mission to not only provide incredible experiences but also help preserve the environment with sustainability initiatives throughout each of their programs. We strive to minimize waste created during trips and apply the 'leave no trace' policy on all of our activities.

Additionally, Hajar Mountain Adventures provides opportunities for everyone to learn new skills such as hiking navigation techniques, rock climbing and canyoneering fundamental skills, through workshops held throughout each season. These workshops aim to develop your skills and help you feel more confident and secure as well as foster a love for nature and the outdoors, through education among budding enthusiasts. We do this by giving you first hand experiences and hands on practical training within mountainous terrains that can be fully experienced in Ras Al Khaimah!

In addition to our wilderness expeditions and single day adventures for all, Hajar Mountain Adventures also provides a wide variety of certified leadership courses for those seeking to learn and become qualified here in the UAE in hiking, climbing and canyoneering. These courses are designed with safety and leadership being paramount and have been developed and are delivered by experienced mountain leaders who have worked in the region for over 15 years here in Ras Al Khaimah. We are dedicated to offering best-in-class services and professional certified courses for anyone looking to work professionally explore these majestic mountains safely.

The company also organizes day trips which combine guided hikes and climbing with cultural discovery experiences that allow visitors to get an insight into local Bedouin culture throughout their journey. The team at Hajar Mountain Adventures is passionate about making sure every client’s experience will be memorable, safe, challenging and ultimately rewarding. From beginner’s trekking trips all the way up to advanced technical climbs, they are committed to helping clients realize their goals while having fun along the way.

We also provide custom tailored packages perfect for school trips or corporate team building events, ensuring that everyone has an unforgettable experience while learning valuable skills from experienced professionals. We deliver the internationally renowned Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an international program that encourages young people to pursue their interests and develop new skills. Participants can choose from a variety of activities, including volunteer work, physical fitness, and expedition training. The award can be earned at three different levels: bronze, silver, and gold. The Gold level is the most prestigious, and participants must complete a residential project in order to achieve it.

Here at Hajar Mountain Adventures, we believe that you are never too young, or too old to start exploring the mountains and once you start “You should never stop exploring!” This ethos is reflected in all of our activities, no matter if it’s your first time out or you’re an experienced mountaineer – there is always something new and exciting waiting for each person when it comes to exploring this wonderful corner of the world.

Keep an eye our for our next blog in the series. If you have any subject topics around adventures in the UAE that you would like read more about please let us know by emailing us directly at

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