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Winter Mountaineering Skill

Embark on a transformative winter mountaineering journey in the awe-inspiring Pyrenees with our exclusive 6-day expedition. Priced at just 8,200 AED per person, this all-inclusive package ensures a seamless adventure, from luxurious accommodations to lift passes and expert guidance. Explore the enchanting landscapes, refine your winter skills, and summit peaks under the mentorship of a seasoned mountaineer. Limited spots are available for our intimate group of 2 to 8 participants. Secure your spot now and let the Pyrenees be the backdrop for your extraordinary winter adventure!


Embark on an exhilarating winter mountaineering adventure with our exclusive 6-day expedition in the breathtaking Pyrenees! Priced at just 8,200 AED per person, this all-inclusive package ensures an unforgettable experience filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, thrilling challenges, and expert guidance. Join us in 2024 for a journey that transcends ordinary travel and immerses you in the heart of snow-clad peaks and alpine wonders.

**Package Inclusions:**
- Luxurious accommodation for 6 days and 5 nights in shared twin/double rooms.
- Lift passes for seamless access to the most stunning mountain vistas.
- Hassle-free transfer from Barcelona Airport to the enchanting destination of Andorre.
- Delectable meals to fuel your adventure and keep you energized.
- Rental package options available at an additional cost (helmet, harness, ice axe, rucksack, crampons, walking poles).
**Itinerary Highlights:**

**Day 1 - Arrival in Barcelona:**
Begin your journey with a warm welcome in Barcelona, followed by a scenic 2-hour transfer to the picturesque Andorre.

**Day 2 - Acclimatization in the Mountains:**
Immerse yourself in the world of winter skills, mastering the use of crampons and ice axe. Learn essential navigation and avalanche awareness, laying the foundation for an extraordinary week ahead.

**Day 3 - Mini Peak Exploration:**
Ascend to new heights as you navigate a snow ridge, honing your ropework skills and discovering the beauty of steeper terrains.

**Day 4 - Continued Skills Development:**
Embark on a full day of mountaineering, delving into more complex terrains and refining skills in rockier ridges. Practice route planning, belaying, and snow anchor building.

**Day 5 - Summiting Peaks and Independence:**
Put your skills to the test on a major peak in the Pyrenees. As your confidence grows, become an independent and self-reliant winter mountaineer, guided by our experienced professionals.

**Day 6 - Farewell and Transfer:**
Bid farewell to this extraordinary adventure with a transfer back to Barcelona Airport, taking with you memories of a lifetime.

**Optional Rental Packages:**
- Rental package (helmet, harness, ice axe, rucksack, crampons, walking poles): 1,000 AED
- Rental package with boots (helmet, harness, ice axe, rucksack, crampons, walking poles): 1,500 AED

*Please note that alcohol in the evening and single supplements in the hotel are not included.*

**Topics Covered Throughout the Week:**
- Proper attire and essentials for a snow mountain day.
- Crampon use and movement in snow and ice.
- Ice axe techniques, including ice axe arrest.
- Safety management in high mountains.
- Basic winter and snow navigation skills.
- Avalanche risk assessment.

This extraordinary course accommodates a minimum of 2 and up to 8 participants, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Seize the opportunity to join our exclusive winter mountaineering expedition and let the Pyrenees unveil its majestic beauty under the guidance of our seasoned expert. Book your spot now for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary and into the realm of awe and wonder!

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